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Data Analysis For Research : SPSS Application

by Md Fauzi Ahmad@Mohamad

Publisher - Penerbit UTHM

Category - Engineering & IT

At last, I manage to complete writing this book. Thanks to God for giving me, patience and inspiration. From my observation, many students and researchers still do not understand statistical analysis completely and this has been identified as a major problem in doing research or project. The main objective of this book is to provide step by step guidance in statistical analysis.  It starts from explanation on type of statistical analysis, steps, results, interpretation and reporting. I believe that this book will improve statistical analysis understanding amongst students and researchers. This book contains thirteen chapters. In each chapter, examples of the statistical analysis are provided for better understanding using SPSS version 19. Furthermore, the interpretations of statistical result are explained in details for each of the examples. Hopefully this book will be useful to student for improving their understanding in statistical analysis. At last, thanks to UTHM for giving me the opportunity to publish this book.

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